29 Weeks & A Flower Crown

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So, I’m sorry (not sorry) for the photo overload… I couldn’t decide which ones I liked best! And guess what? I’ve got more coming. I decided to break the pictures down into 2 parts. This is the “color” version – aka part 1 – and part 2 will all be in black and white.

While black and white photos aren’t necessarily my favorite (who doesn’t prefer color to b&w?!), I picked a few that I thought would look better without color. You’ll have to wait a few days until I post them, though!

I wanted to give a shout-out to my girl, [Lindsey], who took these photos and made me the beautiful flower crown featured above! She’s one talented woman, folks, and I am so blessed to know her!! Thank you tons, Lindsey!


Fletcher’s Wardrobe

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I love shopping for our girls. However, after unpacking all of Marlowe’s old clothing, I noticed that a lot of the newborn – 6 month clothes were bright and “cutesy”. Not really my style, to be honest. I mean, I like a bit of color here and there, but I am in love with neutrals. I like to think to myself, when I’m buying clothes for Fletcher and Marlowe, “would I wear that?”. It’s a frame of mind.

Thrift stores are my favorite. I could spend hours in there, perusing through all the different baby clothes, finding the perfect pieces. And at around 99 cents per item, you really can’t go wrong!!

I do splurge occasionally, though. My new favorite swaddle (shown above) is by [modern burlap]. However, I would hardly call spending $25 on a good, cute, muslin blanket splurging, to be honest. It’s just more than what I usually spend, considering my go-to is a second-hand store (and boy, do they have some amazing gently-used stores here in CO Springs)!

Oh, and the little Toms were a bit spendy, but I used the crap outta’ them with Marlowe, and I was so sad when I realized they didn’t fit anymore. I’m really excited to be able to use them again with Fletcher!!!!

Name Reveal


I could not be more excited to reveal our second daughter’s name: Fletcher Hope!! As soon as I mentioned the name to Shawn, he jumped on it. I was shocked, actually, at how quickly he agreed and how much he loved it. I had to convince him with Marlowe Grace (our first daughter), so I was pretty relieved at not having to pressure Shawn into this one. Haha.

Time is drawing closer with every passing day. It won’t be long before we have two precious daughters in our arms. And to be honest, I am really looking forward to going into labor. I had such a good/calm/relaxing experience with Marlowe; I knew I had to go in with no expectations to actually enjoy the experience, and it worked!

For those of you who are expecting their first, or even second child, when the time comes for that child to make their entrance into the world, I highly recommend just listening to the doctors and nurses suggestions and going with the flow. I made the mistake of doing “research” on the internet beforehand, which consisted of chat forums and non-educated peoples’ opinions. So, when I mentioned the different things I’d read not to do while in labor to my OB, she gently corrected my knowledge – while probably shaking her head internally – and told me that most of it was myth. Right then and there, I decided that I would go into the hospital with little to no expectations.

The only thing I had insisted on right away was an epidural. I didn’t last long with those painful contractions, so the epidural (which was administered to me twice – long story) was a most welcome relief. After that, I was super relaxed and I even slept (which really helped me when it came time to push)!!

Anyway, I say all this to encourage you. Labor doesn’t have to be a scary thing, even when things go wrong. The doctors/nurses/midwifes/doulas have been doing this for a long time, and they know what they’re doing! Try to relax and enjoy it – as hard as that may sound! You’re going to want to look back on that time of your life with fond memories.