30 Weeks & A Flower Headband

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Flowers are the next big thing for this season. Whether you’re rocking a humongous flower crown (see [here] for an example of that) or a cutsie little flower headband, you’re doing it right.

I really love this little headband because not only are the flowers petite and wearable for any casual outfit, they match pretty much everything. I wore it with a red plaid shirt last week while shooting a maternity session, and it worked perfectly to hide this huge zit on my forehead as well as keep my hair out of my eyes… Managed to kill 2 birds with one stone for that one. 😉

Flower Headband: [H&M] // Floral Cardigan: Similar at Forever 21, [here] and [here]



29 Weeks & A Flower Crown

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So, I’m sorry (not sorry) for the photo overload… I couldn’t decide which ones I liked best! And guess what? I’ve got more coming. I decided to break the pictures down into 2 parts. This is the “color” version – aka part 1 – and part 2 will all be in black and white.

While black and white photos aren’t necessarily my favorite (who doesn’t prefer color to b&w?!), I picked a few that I thought would look better without color. You’ll have to wait a few days until I post them, though!

I wanted to give a shout-out to my girl, [Lindsey], who took these photos and made me the beautiful flower crown featured above! She’s one talented woman, folks, and I am so blessed to know her!! Thank you tons, Lindsey!

Fletcher’s Wardrobe

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I love shopping for our girls. However, after unpacking all of Marlowe’s old clothing, I noticed that a lot of the newborn – 6 month clothes were bright and “cutesy”. Not really my style, to be honest. I mean, I like a bit of color here and there, but I am in love with neutrals. I like to think to myself, when I’m buying clothes for Fletcher and Marlowe, “would I wear that?”. It’s a frame of mind.

Thrift stores are my favorite. I could spend hours in there, perusing through all the different baby clothes, finding the perfect pieces. And at around 99 cents per item, you really can’t go wrong!!

I do splurge occasionally, though. My new favorite swaddle (shown above) is by [modern burlap]. However, I would hardly call spending $25 on a good, cute, muslin blanket splurging, to be honest. It’s just more than what I usually spend, considering my go-to is a second-hand store (and boy, do they have some amazing gently-used stores here in CO Springs)!

Oh, and the little Toms were a bit spendy, but I used the crap outta’ them with Marlowe, and I was so sad when I realized they didn’t fit anymore. I’m really excited to be able to use them again with Fletcher!!!!