FREE April 2015 Calendar Download



I just designed a simple calendar for April, and I thought I’d share it with you. Literally. If you want, you can download it for free by clicking [here], right click on the image with your cursor and choose “save as”. Voila!

I’m not really that creative, so I just put it on a clipboard and hung it on the wall next to my desk. If you’ve got some creative ideas in how to use your print out, leave a comment or picture below! Or even a link to your own blog so I can check it out for myself!

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How to make an “off” day better

Struggling with the “unpretty-blues”? Got a nasty ol’ pimple? Is this just an “off” day for you, for some reason?
Yeah, we all struggle with days like these. Whether you’re bloated or you feel guilty for eating too much yesterday, this just might be something you’d like to read. I’m going to offer up a few suggestions about how to make your bad day turn into a decent, if not great, day. 🙂
1. Put on some makeup. Even if you’re just sitting around the house, put on some chapstick and mascara. I can almost guarantee that once you do, you’ll feel a bit better.
2. Since you’ve already put on some makeup, go out to Starbucks or somewhere you love to hang out. Get some caffeine into your system!
3. Go workout. If you’re feeling gross and ugly (not saying that you ARE gross or ugly, because you’re neither of those things!!) and you don’t feel like putting makeup on, go run around the block. You’ll feel better after you do, because as (pretty much) everyone knows, working out releases endorphins, which make you feel happy.
4. Sort through all your clothing items. Every time I go through my clothes, I usually find a few pieces that I’d forgotten about. Then I throw them on and go downtown with my daughter!
5. Call a good friend and meet them for lunch or a last-minute coffee. If they really are a good friend, they’ll help you feel better when you tell them what an “off” day you’re having. 😉
6. My Father-In-Law taught me this: make a healthy (disgusting) smoothie with lots of veggies. When you force yourself to quickly drink your nasty smoothie, it’ll fill your stomach up with healthy things, which will make you less hungry, which will then keep you from eating those delicious, unhealthy comfort foods. My smoothie normally includes broccoli, radishes (which are GREAT for boosting your metabolism and giving you plenty of energy), room-temperature coconut water (or regular water), spinach, kale, ground flax and chia seeds (flax oil will work, too). Prepare yourself, though. This isn’t going to taste good. It’ll sure make you feel good, though!
7. Take a shower and wash your hair. I am one of the (un)lucky people who has extremely thick hair, so I don’t need to wash it every day. I actually only wash it only once a week because that’s helped my hair become healthier. After every weekly washing, though, I feel like a new person!
8. Watch “Friends” or “The Office”. They’ll make you laugh, which will make you happy and/or giddy.
9. Go for a walk. Maybe try to go somewhere you’ve never gone before and do a bit of exploring!
10. Wait for sunset and go outside to watch it with your significant other, or a good friend. Chat about your day and just spend some quality time together.


DIY: A Modern Twist on Fall Wreaths


I am really on an Autumn kick here. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see the colors of the leaves and bushes change here in Colorado Springs! It’s going to be unreal.
Anyway, I really love the idea of a different twist on your average front-door-wreath. They can be boring and, often times, tacky if you don’t like spending over $200 on a really nice one. I’ve seen a few different versions of this wreath on Pinterest over the last few months, but I like mine the best, which is a sort of compilation of all my favorite knit wreaths.
It’s pretty easy, but it takes a while to make this bad boy. It took me a few tries to get the hang of the knit pom poms, and once I did, I finished the wreath over the span of a few days (my fingers would cramp if I made the pom poms for longer than 1 1/2 hrs). Every night, I’d put on a good movie and make pom pom after pom pom. It really feels like I accomplished something, though, when I finished it. FINALLY.
I’ve had it outside for the past week, and since our front door is covered under a roof, I’m not worried about this getting wet or dirty. If you’re concerned about your own front entry way, why not just put the wreath somewhere indoors? Bring it out every Fall with your other Autumn decor!
So, this is what you’re going to need (I got all of it from Hobby Lobby):
Wire frame wreath
2 large packages of yarn, in whatever color you’re feelingScissors
A good movie (or three)


Step 1: Remove the cardboard piece securing the yarn together and fold it in half (you can use whatever you’d like for this, if the cardboard is too flimsy for you).
Step 2: wrap the yarn around the cardboard piece about 60 times. Make sure it’s not too lose or too tight. Leave a little extra length at both ends. It should look like the picture below, on the right.


Step 3: Carefully remove the yarn from the cardboard, securing the center with your thumb and forefinger so it doesn’t unravel. Tie opposite ends together around the center. Double knot it, and repeat, tying both ends together again, only this time, make it extra tight so it’s nice and secure. It should look relatively like the picture below after you’ve tied both ends together twice. NOTE: Make sure you are aware of where those opposite yarn ends are at all times. You’ll need those to safely secure the pom pom to the wire frame wreath. Don’t lose them!!


Step 4: cut each end of the yarn, making sure you keep an eye on the ends that are knotted around the center. Like I said before, don’t lose them!


Step 5: Your pom pom is all finished, and ready to be tied to the wire frame wreath. Remember how I said that you need to be aware of the knotted yarn ends around the center of the pom pom? Take those pieces and use them to tie the pom pom to the wire wreath. (Using any other pieces will result in them pulling right out). Since the pom poms are relatively small, which will end up making the wreath appear more voluminous, you’ll tie two side-by-side.
So tie that first pom pom to the outside edge of the wire frame, making room for your next pom pom, which will go on the inside. Make sure you tie each pom pom nice and tight to the wire so they don’t slip mid-process, making you very frustrated.


Step 6: trim each pom pom as you put it on the wreath, making sure the ends of the yarn are somewhat similar in length. Once the wreath is finished, do an overall trim to any yarn ends that are sticking out far enough to be noticeable. I had to trim about 15 pieces, haha.
Step 7: Add a bow, or any kind of extra decor to make your wreath more personal, and unlike any other. If you don’t like bows, might I suggest adding a few gold (fake) berries here and there? Or how about adding a little foliage to the left side?
Step 8: Leave a comment below with a link to pictures of your own DIY wreaths (or anything Autumn-y that you’ve done yourself)! I love looking at DIY stuff, and I guarantee you that I’ll spend hours perusing through your blogs!