I don’t really know how to start this post. I feel helpless and alone, but it’s really not about me right now.

My family in Canada has been having a horrible month, filled with unexpected and shocking news. I wish more than anything that I could be with them right now, but it’s simply not feasible.

I don’t know how to contribute anything to the suffering and misery taking place across the border, other than sharing my heartbroken words on this blog. In a way, I guess this holds a bit of closure for me.


I will never understand why God allows newborn lives to be taken. I’m trying to remain in the fact that He knows what He’s doing, but nevertheless, my heart is so broken right now for my family members. I can’t stop crying for that sweet little boy. My only consolation – and I pray that one day his parents will take comfort in this as well – is that the boy who left us to go be with our God in Heaven will never experience heartbreak, suffering or anything awful that this world has to offer. He will never have to go through anything difficult, nor will he ever have to atone for the sins that were never committed. He is perfect, and he is alive and well with our Father who loves him so much.

The reason I decided to publish this post on my blog instead of just keeping it as a draft, is to ask you for prayer for my family. Pray for the little boy’s mom and dad, who are suffering right now. Pray for peace and comfort. Please pray the same for his grandparents, as well as the rest of my family, who will be attending his funeral on Saturday.

God Bless.


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