Happy Easter

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Ok, so my outfit isn’t very “Easter-ee”. Sorry, I didn’t know beforehand that I’d get to feel like a celebrity for a few seconds and have my picture taken!

Yesterday, I met with my client and friend, Kim – check out her blog [here] and the photo shoot I took of her [here] – it was a heavenly time of relaxation, chit chat and macarons. **A HUGE thanks to my amazing mother-in-law, Karen, who is always eager and willing to watch Marlowe for us! Love you, Karen!**

We went to the grand opening of [The Heavenly Dessert Company], which was absolutely amazing. Everything tasted fantastic, so if you live in CO Springs, you need to go check them out and treat yourself to something delish. Thanks, Kim, for picking out that amazing bakery to celebrate us having another little girl! Although, I never need a reason to celebrate. 😉

While we were there, Kim brought out her camera and we shot some pictures with all the little details that made the opening unique, including the Easter bunny! Who says little kids get to have all the fun?


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