Gap Maternity Leggings Review

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My first time being pregnant, back in 2012-2013, was way different than this time around. During this pregnancy, my belly got noticeably larger at a quicker rate, and I really desired a comfortable pair of leggings.

My friend, Christine, recommended Gap’s [maternity leggings], which are hard to find in stores; I had to order mine online.

As soon as I got the leggings in the mail, I opened them immediately and tried them on – I really don’t like to wait when it comes to opening packages that arrive in the mail. Who even does that, anyway?! I noticed two things right away: 1. They really are super soft, as the description says. 2. The waist line is a little lower, so it’s supposed to go under the belly – something I really didn’t think I’d find comfortable… I was wrong. These leggings are so flippin’ comfortable.

I got these leggings when I was about 14 weeks along, and now I’m 24. They’ve allowed for room for my growing belly, and get this! Christine told me that she even wears hers after she had her baby… 10 months ago!

I’d definitely recommend these leggings to every single pregnant lady out there. Especially because after washing them a lot – I have a 20-month-old daughter – they’ve really kept their color and shape. Totally worth it.




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