5 Minutes with Good Light


Marlowe and I had just gotten back from the Library, and I’d rounded the corner to our bedroom to be blinded by the sun. This is a normal occurrence in our house; I always seem to forget to close the blinds before the sun sets. Instead of getting annoyed with the dark spots in my vision – courtesy of the ever-shining sun here in Colorado Springs – I decided to round everyone up so I could snap a few pretty, back-lit pictures.

I’m happy with the results, and I think you’ll like them too… Especially when you see how cuddly Marlowe was with Charlie when you scroll down! šŸ™‚

02 03 04

Our poor little girl has hair as crazy as mine… I’m telling you, it’s extremely hard to tame. Plus, she’s so busy running around and falling over everything that I would have to be constantly trailing behind her with a wet comb in order for her hair to ever look decent!! (All this is being written while she’s spinning around in circles behind me, getting dizzy, and tripping over our kitten).


While I hate to say it, sometimes Marlowe has RBF. Google it. I’m not going to repeat it here! šŸ˜‰06


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