Family of Four

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I don’t recall family pictures EVER being this difficult. All I really wanted was a decent baby #2 reveal picture, and you wouldn’t believe how hard it was for us to get that (although, I think we managed).

Marlowe simply wasn’t having any of the cold weather, so what started out as an “au natural” photo shoot, eventually turned into a spontaneous Starbucks session instead.

I really loved how it all turned out, though, because it’s indicative of our lives: Firstly, Marlowe’s in a bit of a fussy/uncooperative stage right now, which just wasn’t working outside (hence the lack of outdoor pictures). That led us to Starbucks for a treat and some warmth. Now, before I continue, I want you to know that I do NOT reward bad behavior with chocolate cake pops. Marlowe was happy as can be when I finally gave her the dessert. And secondly, I am always getting my Starbucks fix, as well as buying Shawn their coffee beans every week. So, it was only natural that we decided to finish off our session there! 😉

*Thanks so much, mom, for being patient and taking our pictures! You did such an amazing job! I got a lot more than I expected!*


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