Autumn in Seattle


I really miss Autumn weather in WA state. It’s overcast, cool and “misty” (not to be misinterpreted as “rainy”), the way it should be. Now, I love Colorado Springs, but oh my gosh, is it sunny. ALL the time. I was warned about this before we moved here, so I knew what awaited us, but there are pros and cons to all the sunshine we get. I’m going to try and stay positive, though, because nobody likes a complainer. 😉
Last weekend, I flew out to Seattle with Marlowe so I could shoot a family session. I’d been looking forward to this trip for ages, and it definitely lived up to all my expectations! As busy as it was, I feel like I still had time here and there to relax, which is important to Marlowe’s (and my) sanity. Haha.
It started off with a bang: my best friend, and old prayer partner, Jamie, picked me up from the airport. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect way to spend my first glimpse of  “home” than with Jamie. We drove from the airport to my first  [photo shoot] – which was so much fun! I got to meet my old friend, Rachel, and her family. Catching up with them was really amazing, and I really cherished every moment I got to spend with them.
The following day, I got to make a dream come true by meeting my long-time internet friend, and photog inspo, [Jacki Moore] in person. IN PERSON!!! It was… Gosh, it is so hard to describe the utter happiness I had when meeting her for the first time. More on that, later, though. I’m going to write a whole blog post about our time together and I will include the pictures we took of each other! (Below is Marlowe, hanging out with us during our time together!)


Most of my time in WA was spent with Jamie and [her family]. I missed them so much, and it had been three years since I’d seen them! I got to go to both kids’ soccer games (I could definitely get into being a soccer mom!!!), spend some time hot-tubbing, and go to a pumpkin patch!!



One of the many highlights of my visit to our old stomping grounds was that I got to go back to the church I love so dearly. I got to hug a lot of old friends and get into such an amazing worship time. I really, really, REALLY miss that place. So much.









I’m so grateful that God blessed my visit. Marlowe is too young to remember, but when she’s older, I will show her these pictures and relive our time together in WA. I will look back on it with fond memories and a joyful heart.