Water Stuff


This summer was so epic in so many ways. I’m still really missing my whole family up in Canada, which is why I’m posting a few more pictures from our trip.
I’d taken Marlowe into the pool at our gym before, but that water temperature was a little warmer than the lake. I was a bit worried that she wouldn’t like it, but she’s a kid. Of course she’s gonna like it; especially if everyone around her makes it look super fun by making loud, silly noises! 😉
Above and below are pictures of us on the dock at our cottage near Peterborough, Ontario.


Marlowe especially loved hanging out at the beach with her adorable beach hat, which was given to us by my Auntie Libby and my cousin, Ally – who recently got married. (Click [here] to see those pictures)!


Marlowe and her Bibi (grandma).


And a huge thanks to my mom, who took the picture below of Marlowe and me. It’s one of my favorites!

05 06 07

Thanks, Tiffany, for taking the pictures of Jake and me, water tubing! SO fun!

08 09


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