Summer in Canada


As much as I love living in the States, there are times when I really miss living in Canada. I don’t have any regrets about moving to NC with my family (it’ll be 13 years ago this November!) because I would never have met the love of my life, and in turn, we would never have had Marlowe. There are things that I miss about Canada, though. I miss my family’s cottage a lot (which I get to visit once a year, if I’m lucky) and I miss my extended family (my cousins and sisters are all pictured above and below – what a beautiful family I have!!!).
This past summer I got to spend 3 whole weeks in Canada with my whole family, minus Shawn, who was only able to come for my cousin’s wedding. It was so much fun (minus getting stung by a wasp and having my hand explode into a nasty, bloated thing that didn’t look like a hand at all) and I got to visit everyone’s homes!
I loved getting to see my cousin, Bronte, compete for qualifying for the Olympics in Trampoline (she did AMAZING, by the way!!!) and I got to visit my other cousin’s work at this gorgeous, high class golf course! I got to spend quality time with my Auntie Jan, who drove me to the Buffalo airport after I had an allergic reaction to the wasp sting. And I really got to know the Niagara-On-The-Lake area after having driven around the whole area the week before my cousin’s wedding.
I miss my family and Canada so much that I went through serious withdrawals after flying back home. I missed my husband a lot while we were gone, though, so it was really nice to get to see him again. He told me he hates when I’m gone, which made me feel extra loved! 😉
The pictures above and directly below were taken during my cousin’s Bachelorette. (Left to right) Me. My sister, Chanelle. My cousin, Kasia. The bride-to-be, Ally. My cousin, Bronte. My sister Tiffany.


Yupp. That’s my husband. Photobombing.


Afternoon tea at my cottage.


Tiffany loves being an Auntie. She’s so good at it. This was right before Marlowe went down for her afternoon nap.


I feel like Marlowe looks so young in this picture. Her hair has grown a lot since I took it, and this wasn’t even 2 months ago! She really loved spending time with her twin second cousins, Lila and Ava.


You gotta love how kids sleep. They seem to find the most uncomfortable position possible, and move only when switching to another uncomfortable position.


As much as I hate to admit it, I miss my brother-in-law, Zak. Except when he gives babies a bottle of baby powder. Because then this happens.

08 09 10

Zak made up for it, though, by being a good Uncle.


She loved it!


I had to end with another family photo. I love unusually-cropped photos, so this one made my heart burst when I saw it! A huge shout out to Bronte, who took this!



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