Marlowe’s 1st Birthday


I have so much fun planning these sorts of events (take my [baby shower] for example)! Marlowe was such a trooper during her party (she only had an hour-long nap, and I woke her up early so she could eat her cupcake and open presents – with our help, of course) and I know she really enjoyed herself!
I wanted to extend a huge thanks to everyone; Marlowe loves her gifts and we loved having you over!

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My girlfriend, Christine, helped me bake this ombré cake (translate: she pretty much did it herself; I was on standby for moral support). The only thing I did was the icing on the outside, and I absolutely LOVE the way everything turned out!

08 09

Ok. Have you ever tried Starbucks’ birthday cake pops? I had 8 of them this past weekend, and I’m not joking. I ate all the leftovers within 2 days. I felt a bit like throwing up afterward, but it was worth it.

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2 thoughts on “Marlowe’s 1st Birthday

  1. April, this is so adorable! You are so talented! What a lucky little lady Marlowe is to have you as her Mommy. Super impressed with your cake — I’ve been wanting to try to make an ombre cake, just need an occasion! This post has me so looking forward to planning Kieran’s 1st Birthday party. Happy Birthday, Marlowe!

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