I wanted to share with you the highlights of my life since Marlowe came into existence. The photo above was taken during Marlowe’s first Easter weekend. And the photo below was taken during Marlowe’s and my baby shower back in May, 2013. My Grandma and Aunt (far ends) were able to come down from Canada!


I love this photo of my dad holding Marlowe. She was only a month old here. I remember that she slept all the time.


We’re almost due for another family photo shoot; it’s been a long time since this one. I still haven’t posted all the photos that Truly Sarah Photography took. (And might I add how talented Sarah is?! She’s expecting her own baby, now!)


Both Shawn and I wanted to take Marlowe to Forest Park Church to get her dedicated. FPC was basically where we met and fell in love once upon a time, so it was very special to us to be able to participate in their baby dedication weekend!


I can’t believe I haven’t posted this photo yet. I think it’s one of my favorites of Marlowe. I love that cute little smirk and that tongue!! (I believe she was 2 months old here).


This was taken at the Botanical Gardens back in North Carolina. We were visiting with some friends; such a fun day!


And lastly, here’s another one I took of Marlowe during this past Easter weekend. So serious. No smiles that day, I guess.




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