Sitting Room: Decorated


I was definitely concerned about how to decorate an entire extra room (we went from an 1800 sq ft house to 3200 sq feet, so that’s a lot of extra space!), but I was able to overcome my concern. I am a really good bargain shopper, so a lot of the decor in this room came from Home Goods, Amazon and THE THRIFT STORE!
I’m going to go off on a tangent here… I absolutely LOVE Colorado Springs’ thrift stores! They’re gold mines, I swear! People don’t realize how cute some of their junk is. 😉
Anyway, we bought our couch from Overstock. I made the large pieces of art that Shawn hung for me. I got the frames from a thrift store and painted them purple (don’t ask why, it really doesn’t go with anything in our house, but I love the way they turned out). Then I painted the matting white and inserted cardboard pieces fit-to-size with my artwork already on them. The succulents, which fill our home, were super cheap from Lowes!
I got the lamp, below, from Target, as well as the black end table and polka dot box. I didn’t get them very long ago, so you may still be able to find them at your local Target store!IMG_1797
I was looking for a bar cart for the longest time, but I still haven’t found one I like. So, this trunk will have to do for now. The gold tray and copper clock were both on sale at Home Goods, and the game called Cards Against Humanity is one of the most vulgar, fun games I’ve ever played. It’s politically incorrect in all the wrong ways, but nothing has ever made me laugh so hard. You can get it from Amazon. IMG_1795
Below is my favorite piece in the whole house! I love, love, LOVE gold stuff, so when I saw this gem of an end table in Home Goods, I snatched it right up. It was on sale, too!IMG_1771
I painted the planters myself, and I really love the way they turned out! It was a bit of a process, but I painted the tops white, and I used chalkboard paint for the bottoms. Then I filled the planters with fake plants from Ikea. (I didn’t want to use real plants because 1- I’m really good at killing them, and 2- I was worried that watering them would chip the paint.)IMG_1789
The orange, polka-dot chair is from the thrift store (I googled how to clean couches, so don’t worry! It’s clean!), I got the ottoman from Home Goods (click [here] for my aweful tutorial on how to reupholster ottomans), got the trunk from a thrift store (I still haven’t figured out what color to paint it, yet), and the coffee table is from Overstock.IMG_1779
I’m a collector of the L & L magazines, so they’re sitting all over our house. And I love magnifying glasses, so when I saw this one at Home Goods, I knew it had to be mine.IMG_1809
I got the gold honeycomb planter from the thrift store, and the clock from a local boutique.IMG_1817
And lastly, a close up of the adorable old fashioned phone my MIL gave me from Pottery Barn!



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