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The other day, Shawn and I visited the most gorgeous, quaint little town in Colorado known as Manitou Springs. That wasn’t our first time there, though. We’d visited back in 2009 as we were driving from TX (visiting Shawn’s parents) to WA (home, at the time). I remember loving it so much that we discussed retiring there one day. We had NO IDEA at the time that we were going to live 30 minutes away in just a few short years!
We took a photo (in 2009) by one of the rivers and vowed that we would one day remake that photo when we lived there. We just had no idea that it would be so soon.
08The photos below were taken when we went back to the same river during almost the same time. (The only difference is that the photo above was taken in July, and the ones below were taken in May, so the trees hadn’t gotten quite as green yet).


06 07

On another note, I wanted to share a few IG photos taken of the dreaded [incline] that we did NOT once, but two times in the past week. It’s about 1 mile of straight stairs (and not the cutesy, easy stairs that are inside your house. Oh no.) and if you’d rather not take the stairs back down again, you can choose the 2+ miles of steep, and sometimes treacherous trail that leads down the backside of the mountain. Let me just say, this was the HARDEST thing I’ve ever done workout-wise in my entire life. Crossfit and intense cardio in a gym just doesn’t compare. I loved and hated it, but I’ll probably do it again because at the top, I always get an overwhelming and intense sense of accomplishment. Not to mention how beautiful it is to look at what you’ve just done. (The first time took us 53 minutes to climb the stairs and another 45 to get back down again. The second time was worse because it was much hotter.)

0403 05


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