The Many Faces of Marlowe Grace


I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks my daughter is so cute! I get compliments every day on what a beautiful little girl she is, and how awesome it is that she’s so “smiley”. haha. I’ll never tire of it.

The photos above and below are two of my favorites. Marlowe had just woken up for the day, messy hair and all, and I had to laugh at her arm: she’d wiggled it out of her PJs at some point during the night, and she was so proud of it! So wouldn’t stop smiling and grinning!


The photo below is also one that makes me laugh just looking at it! I love our funny little girl! She’d fallen asleep  with her head resting on her cereal puffs, and when she lifted her head up, I had my camera all ready!


Lastly, the photo below is yet another testimony to how ridiculously happy and smiley our Marlowe is. She’s such a joy!



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