North Carolina’s Crazy Winter


We literally just moved to Colorado Springs from North Carolina. I. Don’t. Miss. It. At. All. Except for a few of the people. We met some amazing friends there, and those friendships are the type that will last forever. I miss them.

Another thing I liked about living in NC was that my family all lived within 4 hours of us; that was a lot of fun, especially when Marlowe was born! That, and when it occasionally snowed (which was pretty much record-breaking this past winter). I really enjoyed looking through all the snowy photos on Facebook and it inspired me to set the ol’ self timer on my camera. Family photos can never be taken enough, in my opinion! Especially with the little one growing and changing every day.

(See? I can be grateful for living there – even if we lived in one of the most ghetto cities I’ve ever seen! And despite the horrible attitudes assumed by most of Fayetteville’s natives, there were people living there who were well worth getting to know.)


The photo taken above was when I was adjusting my camera’s settings to the lighting outdoors, and it’s one of my favorite candid photos of my husband and daughter. At first glance, you don’t notice anything, but let me share 3 things that I see with you. 1. The facial expression (or lack thereof) that Shawn’s making is usually one that appears right before he smiles really big! I can recognize it anywhere. (See how the corner of his mouth is slightly turned up? It’s very subtle, you may not be able to see it…) 2. I love how natural he looks holding our daughter. Even though he’s only been holding her for 6 months at this point, he looks like he’s been doing it his whole life. I find that very attractive! 😉 3. Marlowe’s sucking her fingers. That teeny tiny action is something I don’t allow her to do because I don’t want her to form a habit of doing it. She’s got Shawn wrapped around her finger because he lets her do it. He has a hard time saying no to her, and I think that’s kinda’ cute. (It also makes me the bad guy, though, which stinks!)





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