I don’t want to offend anyone out there, but I’m going to say that I honestly don’t see a point in spending a lot of money on clothes or accessories. I change my fashion style on a daily basis, so to buy a $500 handbag or $300 shoes seems a bit stupid to me. Sorry if you’d prefer to spend more on clothing, but I’d rather not.

My favorite stores include Forever 21, H & M, Love Culture, TJ Maxx and, believe it or not, thrift shops! The outfit that I’m wearing in this particular post was made creative by TJ Maxx’s fun cardigan/kimono-thingy. The scarf, leggings and earrings were from Forever 21 back in December, the boots were $25 at a boutique store in NC and the shirt was actually my mom’s. The point of this post is to tell you that you can make an ordinary outfit seem extraordinary by simply adding a cool-looking cardigan and a colorful scarf!











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